Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me singing Saathiya

A beautiful number from the movie Saathiya..

Singer: Sonu Niigam ..Lyrics(very strange and confusing as always!!) by Gulzar..

This song is my humble tribute to the humble genius ARR...

Hope I have done justice to it :-) U can find the song after this note below..

Note: Talking abt lyrics from Saathiya... The lyrics of another song from this movie simply refuse to leave me.. I am fascinated by its intent.. The aura it exudes.... It appears at the start and middle of the song "Chupke se" sung primarily by Sadhna Sargam..

"Doston se jhooti mooti doosron ka naam leke.. Teri meri baaten karna...
Yaara raat se din karna..
Lambi judaai teri bada mushkil hain.. Aahon se dil bharna...
Yaara raat se din karna...
Kab ye poori hogi.. Door ye doori hogi.. Roz safar karna..
Yaara raat se din karna..."

Waaaah.. outstanding... Analyze these lines and u simply get blown away by the meaning..
I especially adore the last line..It ends with a glimmer of hope.. "roz safar karna" ...

Yipee!!!! I finally understood Gulzar's lyrics for one song atleast.. (So I believe!!) :D