Friday, December 25, 2009

Save the girl child!!!

Female foeticide..A topic that is still taboo in India.. Everyone believes that its someone else's problem..Well that is one of the reasons this topic is still shouting for help..A skewed sex ratio doesn't help any country...
I have seen many a celebrity raise a noise on this..Most of it has been mere publicity stunt than anything of substance..I believe it is time for us, the common man, to realize this ;rather than any awakening or attending a tutorial session....

This wrong notion that "guys are markedly superior to girls" was prevalent in Indian society long ago...Girls were just supposed to keep their husbands happy, making umpteen sacrifices along the way...."Pati Parmeshwar" "Meri duniya aapke charNo main hain" etc. were reality than just mere filmy dialogues.. Sati was a rule, not a convention..A girl was coerced to immolate herself in her husband's funeral pyre cos she had no right to live anymore..What nonsense!!!

A girl had to abort whatever she is good at and sit at home to take care of the kids..Oh ya? Aren't they your kids too pal? You both had them dint you??...Atleast the girl sitting at home for this reason is better than because the hubby believes she shouldn't even be talking to her male colleagues in office.. What about when you flirt openly with your secretary, mate? Lets not be hypocrites here..

Girls were supposed to know cooking as if it was their birthright.."Yeh sab paDhai choD; sasuraal jaake bartan hi to manjne hain"They were supposed to do the dishes, eat in their husband's plate, compulsorily address husband as "Aap"..Most of these are a direct antithesis to the reality that "Respect ought to be earned, not demanded".. (These days girls address hubby as "Aap" only when the in-laws are in town..The name is different when they aren't in town ;))

Even to this day, when one tries to discuss this female foeticide topic with elders of the family (more seen in our grandparents' time and before than in our parents generation), there is an eerie silence in the room; an admission of guilt almost.. Its as if they know that it was wrong and couldn't do much about it..I also see a glint of pride in their eyes that we are trying to change this preconceived notion..

What has changed and why should this discourage female foeticide? Firstly, the emphasis on education (which was non existent earlier). Today girls are walking the same path as guys; shoulder to shoulder, because they are allowed to study..Girls becoming pilots is something that was unthinkable earlier. A lady going to space and being there for many days (Sunita Williams) and another who has gone down in legend (Kalpana Chawla) for her heroic deeds...

Secondly, the restrictions on girls is now zilch.. Earlier they were limited to saree and salwar kameez; today we guys are jealous of the dressing options they have (We can just wear a pant and shirt :)) ..They can party till late in the night like us, they can do most things a guy can do; this talk was surely just gibberish years ago.. Today, its a fact of life..When you see the freedom enjoyed by your lady friends, you are happy that times-they-are-a-changing..

Thirdly and interestingly;I believe establishing co-education systems in all schools across India will help. When you perceive something as unattainable or out of reach, the possibility of atrocities is higher, obviously aided by testosterone levels. Mingling from such a young age with the opposite sex makes it clear that even they are human beings.. This way atleast people giving birth to a girl would have to worry less about her safety!!

Fourthly; abolish reservations for women. The 33% reservations in parliament and elsewhere is a pile of crap. Only when you think you are weaker, you ask for reservation.. In an ideal scenario, open up the field and let the women with merit come forward and not be suppressed or oppressed...This will take sometime, but let us try.

Recently I learnt that a pregnant lady had claimed that she hoped she would be blessed with a baby boy, because "The environment is not conducive to raise a girl".. Now, this is unthinkable.. Honestly.. This is a retrograde step; its like switching 50 years in the time machine. but in the reverse direction..If we educated folks say this, God bless the world... I don't think we have a right to expect others to do the right thing then.

Why would a girl be a burden today? I am guessing Dowry, which is another pathetic custom.They say it is given for a girl's happiness.. Oh ya? Then why are there murders for Dowry? So it is the in-laws and bridegroom's happiness then.."Girl burnt alive;Not able to meet in-laws demands" was something we always saw in the 90's in the newspapers..I believe the perpetrators should be sent to the gallows; no less..The fear of being punished is playing a major role in averting these crimes today. These incidents have reduced considerably..

In that sense, making sex determination tests illegal and bringing the culprits to book in India has helped. We see that these tests are a part of the pregnancy process in the US; but then as long as there is no hue and cry I don't think there should be a problem..

The only reason I can see a man preferring a baby boy is that he gets control of the remote in the hall; Cricket will rule rather than anything else he will have to put up with on TV.. :-)

By the way,they say a girl gets more traits from her father than the mother...In that case it should be easier for us to go against female foeticide than even ladies.
Cos it should bring a smile on your face when you think "One day, I will see my angel conquer the world".. Think about it!!!

Friday, November 06, 2009

A journey like none other

Yes, my adrenaline is pretty high as I write this.. India has just lost a game ala the 90's to Australia.. Tendulkar, the archetypal boy-on-the-burning-deck..

1992..As an 8 year old, I was up at 5:30 am waiting to watch India's match on Australian soil... Dad and Mom knew it.. Their elder son's religion wasn't just Hinduism..It was Cricket too...
I remember watching a shy teenager on TV endorsing for Gillette razor blades. I don't think he looked of shave-able(!) age.. "Gillette, the best a man can get" was the ad caption...His name was Sachin Tendulkar.. Instantly, I must have thought wow its easy to come on television after playing cricket cos "My name is Sachin too!!"..

World cup 1996.. I was to perform a priest's role in my School Annual Day function in Hyderabad.. As I was practising in the rehearsals, my heart was elsewhere.. India was playing the 1st game of 1996 WC at Cuttack vs Kenya... No cell phones.. Some weird pagers floating around..I wanted to know how Tendulkar was going.. He made 127 magnificent runs and I realized, my heart beats for this game.. By the end of 1996, cricket had fully engulfed me...Prime reason was my namesake..."Sachinn Sachhinn" as the crowds chant..

Wherever I was asked my name, they jokingly used to ask "U said ur name is Sachin? Sachin Tendulkar?? :)".. Instant smile on my face.. Who gets the same name as their hero...Almost an honor I thought..

I will leave the analysis of his career to a later date when he hangs up his boots (a day that I truly dread)...

Just imagine you have a fairytale dream.. You top your class, you get the job you want, the car you want, all the money you need and more, marry the girl of your dreams and end up as an uber successful entrepreneur..You are bound to lose your head somewhere.. "The world is under my feet.. There is no one called God..I am God" etc are thoughts bound to come to your head...

Tendulkar's career is fairytale (forgetting the blood, sweat and guts for a moment)...If someone had told me this man will play for 20 years, I would have been skeptical...I would have said "I think he can..Lets see".. I see it today...He is playing with people who landed on Earth after his debut and he still shows the same commitment...

How he has not let that "I am God" thought go to his head and almost become God for all cricket fanatics is a free tutorial on how to handle money, fame and adulation... I haven't heard one negative report about the man..And I live in the Sansanikhez era of the Aaj Taks and Star News'.. I haven't heard him come up with a cocky statement "I will do this.. I will do that" Nothing. He just lets his bat do the talking..

Me and my friend were discussing how we should wait for Tendulkar to retire, before all of us decide to take the plunge..Cos the spouse will surely not be happy with the lack of attention. (Watching Tendulkar bat will anyday take priority ..I say that on record :) :) )

I usually hate calling anyone God.. Rahman, Sampras, Federer I respect them a lot.. But, God? No... I have usually denied that Tendulkar is God..But in his career, there were fleeting moments when I have felt that there is no purpose living in denial anymore...This feeling isnt very sustained, even this brevity is proof of his stature..

He can be described as the world's greatest cricketer and a far greater human being...

And this isn't hyperbole....But, the day he hangs up his boots and walks off with his India shirt for the last time, I will feel something within me is missing...Many grown up Indian men the world over will shed a tear...I will be one of them...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's this, Ashu?

Sometimes...Your heroes disappoint you..Its just not the result always, its the thought process that goes behind the effort that mostly determines success/failure..

The man who directed Lagaan and Swades deserves an off day you feel? Well I don't deny him that..But what he was doing directing this movie is beyond me..

We are shown lovely Chicago, where Yogesh Patel resides.. And then for a frivolous reason he is rushed to India.. Grandpa writing all his wealth to his grandson in the States with a rider "He gets the cash on the day he gets married" Are u kidding me Ashutosh? Do we look that gullible?

Seeing 12 gals of 12 different Rashees is fine, but they all look the same if you are in love? That's the reason we saw 12 Priyankas?? What BS.... How could Yogesh be in love with any of the 12 Priyankas? He hadnt known them at all before the "arranged" meeting..

Have you seen an astrologer who doubles up as private detective? If that isn't enough, he blackmails his way to glory too... So obviously these guys dont rate the cranial matter of the audience..
And the finger cutting Goonda.. Please.....spare me...

I believe a 3 hour 26 minute movie length is not justified in most cases.. In this case, most certainly not...It is absurd and excruciatingly long.. Imagine someone going with his gal on a movie date for this movie... She would have left him for sure.. Whatever his Rashee...

Priyanka, well done.. You are a 100% trier... Harman, you aren't as bad as they say...All character actors well done guys.. The lady playing Harman's mom,I saw her for the 1st time after Golmaal (Amol palekar's sister).. Some nostalgia for us movie buffs.... :)

Sohail Sen, we will hear a lot about your music in the coming years.. Bikhri Bikhri was brilliant.. Sau Janam and Jao na, very good..

Everyone job well done.. Except the script writer and Mr.Gowariker..Again proves, you can get all the stars you want..But the script has the final say...

I humbly request Ashutosh to not try to be a Hrishida.. You will not succeed.. Please be your own man..

You disappointed me big time here...But, I have analyzed your work enough to know you are a class act... Bounce back Ashutosh... I am waiting for your next... I will grant you this Rashee....

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Appreciating beauty

Thought of a purely hatke topic for this blog...Venturing into a new area so to say.. When I discussed the idea of this blog and sent the list to bro, he described it as a "blog for the masses" :)

That, India is a wonder of the world, shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone..This time, I will talk about the beautiful ladies that have adorned that great land.

Some disclaimers before I proceed..This is purely my opinion... These are beautiful women I have seen (of course with/without make-up and on the telly and the internet).
Women that I have seen live, I can't comment obviously.. For fear of security for myself....If I include someone and don't include someone else, I am gonna be in soup for sure.. So ladies, all of you are beautiful, don't worry... :-)

This list is not just based on looks but on how they carry themselves, the entire persona....
It is in no particular order and is limited to Indian ladies for now.. Here goes....

1) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: That I have never liked her much as a person shouldn't come in the way of her beauty.. She is easily the most beautiful face in India and maybe the entire world..

2) Kartika Rane : The pretty face on TV...From Ek Se Badhkar Ek to Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye,
I have been absolutely floored by Kartika's persona.. She is intelligent, suave, quasi-traditional and quasi modern... Ticks all my boxes..Take home to Mom basically....:-) (Check)

3) Simone Singh: The Henna girl... My real favorite.. Many of my friends say she isn't good, but hell, she really is fab....

4) Vidya Balan: Ethereal beauty of Parineeta.. I thought she is this generation's Hemaji.. But seems to be in oblivion now.. Come out of it Vidya..

5) Madhuri Dixit: Who, from my generation can claim that he wasn't smitten by Ms.Dixit's charm? No one...We all loved the superstar.. A beautiful lady who has settled down with kids now and is still a stunner..

6) Preity Zinta: Oh...Those cheek dimples...Tomboyish to the core.. Very beautiful in Indian attire (Jiya Jale anyone?!)

7) Bhagyashree: Faces don't come more beautiful than Bhagyashree's. For any guy who believes beauty is also a factor (ALL of us?!) , this is the reference point... If not for a Himalayan (career blunder, she is doing well personally) mistake in 1990, she would have climbed the Himalayas today in her career... :-)

8) Amrita Rao: Very petite with eyes to die for....Miss Rao is from Mangalore and there by an excessive soft corner from yours truly... ;)

9) Nidhi Razdan: If its news, it has to be from Ms.Razdan.. Excellent newsreader..Though many times I miss the news :-) Easily, the most beautiful face on Indian television..

10) Shreya Ghoshal: Talent and beauty... personified.. The voice is as sweet as the person she seems to be, atleast in most of her interviews.. Very down to earth..

11) Hema Malini : A constant talking point apparently in the 80's was guys, saying "Maa, the girl should look like HemaMalini.."...She really WAS... damn it, IS that good...What a sizzling pair she and Dharmendra make.. Donno how Esha is so ordinary.... Anyway..

12) Mrinal Kulkarni: Beautiful lady... Remember her from the serial Son-Pari..
An example how to be gracious even when one is on the wrong side of 30.

13) Katrina Kaif: I debated real hard whether to include Kat in here.. That she is sexy is beyond debate.. But beautiful? Yes, she probably is.... Haven't seen her enough in Indian attire, but she is in this list for sure..

14) Sharmila Tagore: Regal and royal..Mrs. Pataudi brings a smile on my face.. I love the way she carries herself.. She was breathtakingly beautiful in Kashmir Ki Kali, Chupke Chupke and Aradhana..

The cuties missed the bus.. Juhi Chawla, Genelia D'Souza and the like... They will probably feature in an all time Indian top-10 cutie pies :-)

PS: Sanju and Akshay, thanks for your inputs and for ratifying this list.... :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flirting with greatness

Here I am.. After a one year hiatus almost.. Lots of singing blogs later, with my other true love.. :-)

Ironic it is, that my last cricket blog was on Sourav "Dada" Ganguly..And this one is on his "best buddy" Andrew 'Freddie" Flintoff...

Cut to the summer of 1998.. As a guy just into my teens, I was so-to-say waiting for a hero in Cricket.. To follow, to respect, to idolize....Against SouthAfrica at Nottingham, a 16 stone monster made his debut, with a tremendous reputation.. You are cursed if, you are touted as the next Ian Botham even before you wear your whites.. Flintoff surely was...

My first impression was that the "English tabloids are back to work"... Ruining a career, very much in its infancy.. It was an impression proved right.. Freddie showed flashes of brilliance, but was never consistent and was in-and-out of the side..

He played one scintillating knock against Pakistan at Karachi under lights, chasing 300 odd (with a ball as wet as soap, it must be said!), but then again it was more of an aberration than a regular phenomenon.

Freddie, really was born on the tour of India in late 2001.. Post 2001 attacks in New York City, Caddick, Gough and Croft declined to tour India. The skipper (one of my other heroes) Nasser Hussain, was left with a trundling attack with Hoggard at the helm... Hussain woke up Freddie from his slumber. He set 8-1 fields to the maestro, frustrated him... Giles surely was crucial, but it was Fred toiling away at the other end..Miserly, fearsome, awe inspiring... He really gained the respect of Indian batsmen on that tour and along with that mine too..

2002-2005 was more about the under-achiever Flintoff.. again with flashes of occasional genius...A genius that was eccentric, with an almost rebellious streak... He won games for England, but there were many days when he was oh-so-ordinary.. His bowling though had now taken shape and he was truly world class with the ball, almost becoming a bowling allrounder.. The fact that he had bucket hands in the slip cordon did not do him any harm...

The Ashes 2005 will be a part of folklore... It was Freddie Flintoff's Ashes.. He made runs, he took catches, he took wickets, he shook hands and comforted Lee at Edgbaston in an oh-so-touching moment...It really was stuff of dreams... The major plus during this time, was the advent of another rebel.. Almost like Freddie.. the gum chewing, chest thumping, hair coloring KP.. These two impact players really decided the Ashes, which England won despite 40 Shane Warne wickets and of course with help from that swollen leg of Glenn Mcgrath...

2006 was a big year for Freddie.. He inspired England to a come from behind win in Mumbai, levelling the series at the Wankhede, in the same match in which SRT was booed.. The sight of seeing Shaun Udal running amok, gives one a sick feeling in the stomach even till date.. But Freddie was brilliant as the outspoken captain.. He wasn't silent... He believed that deeds are what you do on the field, not dressing room talk...

2006, the Ashes..His best mate Steve Harmison started by delivering the first ball to him at first slip.. The Ashes were gone.. It was a humiliation.. Freddie looked disinterested in the middle of the campaign..He looked flat, uninspiring with"when-can-I-return-to-Lancashire" written all over him.. It was forgettable really... He bounced back to win the CB Series, but that wasn't any consolation..

2007, the World Cup.. again..England failed and Freddie faltered.. The Fredalo incident was a blot on his career... He turned up drunk, fell off a Pedalo and faced the wrath of the tabloids, rightly so.. He was apologetic about it though and determined to make amends...

2008, at home v SouthAfrica.. The moment that still gives me goosebumps.. Edgbaston it was.. Freddie Flintoff bowling to Jacques Kallis.. Talisman to talisman.... no one was giving an inch... Freddie being very tall, was coming from up above the sight screen..Kallis complained to umpire Aleem Dar, but was told the "its the same for both sides" crap... Flintoff got Kallis out twice really.. both times LBW... one of them was plumb.. Kallis of course dint see either, neither am sure did Aleem Dar... Freddie was pissed.. He then decided to eliminate the umpire altogether.. He got Kallis bowled with an absolute peach.. again one that JK dint see, but we the crowd did...
The roar, after that dismissal, makes me stand up and take notice even today.. It was theatrical, yes, but it was much needed to bring the dying test cricket to life..

Injuries plagued him since and he was on and off in English whites...But, ending as an Ashes winning member in Test cricket was something Fred deserved totally.. The run out of Punter on day 4 was ample proof of "Cometh the hour, cometh the champion"..

Yes, Freddie was theatrical, inconsistent and also a bad boy.. But that doesn't disturb what he achieved.. The unbridled joy he gave us over the past 10 years will remain a lasting memory...

Freddie. post retirement said "I am not a great".. He was a bit of a sledger on the field, but mostly humble off it...Apart from the modesty, there is some merit in his statement for sure.. He underachieved...that fact cannot be hidden..

But is being a great, only taking 5 wickets and making a 100? Freddie was an impact player, a game breaker... He brought people in to the ground, he made cricket a better place.. And he performed exceptionally on the cricket field...How many cricketers can bat at no 6, bowl at 90 miles an hour and take slip catches like plucking mangoes from a tree?

In my book, Freddie Flintoff flirted with greatness..Never fullyachieving/sustaining it.. But I will grant him greatness.. It may be open to debate, but I don't think we will grudge him greatness.

The next time I see an England team on the park, I will still look for that daunting, intimidating figure..We will all miss you Freddie.. Thank you for the memories....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Me singing Roobaroo

I absolutely love this song.. It has a v v special place in my heart.. So I wanted to be extra careful and get this rendition right.. :-)

This is the song that defines my generation.. That in-your-face thing..."We are here, we will conquer" attitude that most of us have... Confidence without treading into the pompous region..

First time I heard this song in 2005, I dint know what was happening...But its one of the few Rahman songs that I liked from say, the 3rd hearing, where as most of them take 7-8 serious hearings to get into your system (never to get out again!) ..

Challenges: Singing Naresh Iyer's part, then switching to the genius' part and then coming back to Iyer's "Dhuaan Chata khula gagan mera"... Wasn't easy at all...

When I started, I wanted this to be one of my best renditions.. Lets see if that is right.. :)

And finally, its my absolute dream that I should hear Rahman singing "Roobaroo" in a live concert... God willing, it will happen...Amen!

PS: This is my all time favorite cell phone ringtone as well ;)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Me singing Tum Ho Toh(Rock on)

I watched Rock On over the weekend... And it was a good movie.. I took something else from the movie...Inspiration.. from Farhan Akhtar..

Seeing someone able to multiple things well... I want to be like that one day...Farhan u rock!! :-)

Shankar Ehsaan Loy once again show their classs.. This time with a slow live band number..

PS: Guys, concentrate on the song..The pic is very distracting... can't take your eyes off gorgeous Prachi Desai.. :-)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Masakali, my Masakali :)

Something that I always wanted to do.. Sing Masakali... I have heard this song innumerable times since January and was finally convinced now I could do some justice to it..

First time I heard it, the singer Mohit Chauhan's nakhraaa(mannerisms) floored me...I knew I could sing this song but the only problem was to incorporate those mannerisms in the song.. :D

Here is the song..

Some behind the scenes trivia (The making of Masakali that is :D)...

It was sung from start to finish (no stop)...The one I uploaded is my second try..the first one I somehow felt could be bettered by myself.. The second one? Ya could be.. but I thought enoughhh..

Things I feel I could have done better... I could have tried singing the part after the anthara , that goes Masakali Masakali, but I had to regain my breath, so let the music run..
Also in the 2nd stanza, I was busy with the Hey Hey Hey and missed the first line (cos there was almost an overlap between the end of Hey Hey and start of the stanza)

Also, before the first stanza starts, u can hear me in the background practising repeatedly to get the "Ghar teraaa Saloniiii" part totally right :-)

Anyways, I have got some nice comments on Facebook for this.. Thanks buddies.. U make the effort seem worthwhile!. Thank you...

Jai Rahman.. Jai Mohit Chauhan :)

PS: Sonam, u look purr-fect in this one (even better than the cutey Masakali!) ... :-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

There's something about Pete!!

Sunday, May 31st...After a very late night voice chat (yo!!, common on weekends), I had slept hoping to get up late and was woken up by a phone call at 9 am..The voice, which sounded like he had suddenly got a lifeline, started with a Hello....I immediately knew Rafael was out of Roland Garros...He ended with "Have a great day buddy".....(I wont take his name, cos patrons of this blog will not like it..LOL)...

My mind went overdrive worrying about the person who I believed would win after Rafael had lost... Some Roger guy... OK, the great RF... I instantly thought "Please no.....please"... I knew that a win here for Roger, would surely make my word redundant/irrelevant(not that a few people gave weightage to it anyway :D).. Sadistic or whatever u want to term it, I don't care, I just followed my heart..

14 slams now for Federer and counting.(abba, he hasn't overtaken Pete yet :))..Having won slams on all surfaces along with his remarkable consistency, he rightfully can claim to be greatest..
But... There is something about Sampras, that I refuse to let go of him as the best player I have seen on a tennis court... May be the emotions he could stir up, that mental fortitude, that walking-on-water belief, that unbelievable slam dunk smash, those magical 2nd serve aces at 0-40..
May be I am biased, hell I am, but for me Sampras is still the best.. Its not logical, but heyy, I truly love my champion...

I don't think any sportsman has had such an impact on me (maybe Ganguly, Tendulkar and Dhoni are close!!)... I remember watching the 1994 Wimbledon final at home in Hyderabad.. All 4 of us watching the match on a Sunday evening, Dad and lil bro vociferously rooting for Ivanisevic and me for the great man.... I prevailed.. I remember the fist clinch and the cry "Come onnnnn Pete!!!"....They made fun of Pete hanging his tongue out like a dog, when asking for ball from the ball boy... But that habit I tried to ape too, albeit unsuccesfully.. :-)

Cut to 1995.. Wimbledon semifinal... Pete v Goran again... Pete was on a hat-trick of Wimbs having won in 1993 and 1994... He lost a set and I thought the hat-trick won't happen.. Imagine a 11 year old crying for loss of a tennis set.. I did...I heard advice from Dad and Mom that its not good to cry in sport.. I just refused to listen.. I couldn't stop...Pete had such an impact on me...I looked up to him.. I must have celebrated like mad that day, when the great man overcame Goran...

In the school summer holidays in Mangalore at Grandpa's in the mid 90s, we did not have cable television, so I couldn't watch French open...I used to be half scared to open the morning papers, to see the results...I feared that Pete might have lost... He dint do justice to his talents and dint try hard enough at the French.. That will remain a blemish... One that I shall regret..

I remember waiting for the Sportstar magazine edition, whenever Pete won Wimbledon, hoping to read a lot of articles that eulogized the champion and also see that exclusive Sportstar poster of Pete holding the trophy aloft..

Clearly, this Pete obsession is something I can't overcome...

Well played Roger..U are a legend... (Get up Rafael... Go get him mate.. Go now!!)...

But Pete, you are my undisputed champion mate... By head, by heart and by Jove... :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Song of the day

Time for a confession.. I have always had this thing going in my head called "Song of the day"..
I remember even as far back as a 11-year old that I had this song of the day... Its mostly romantic, sometimes devotional, sometimes patriotic, but its usually just one song... I can't stop myself.. I just have to listen to that song pretty much the entire day... I don't have a song of the day for each day obviously, but for most days... :-)

If a song enters my" song of the day" list, rest assured I will love it for the rest of my life.. But the morning after that same song doesn't usually have the same zing, that same feel and aura it had the previous 24 hours.. Why does this happen??? I have no clue... It just happens..
(Seems like the difference between crush and true love eh??!!! :D)

Also why is it that only certain lines of a song stay with me more than others... They give me goosebumps.. sometimes tears.. I remember how I recently was so moved on listening to a song that I was surprised myself how I could react THAT way..

This weekend was one am-AZ-ing weekend with my friends here in AZ :-) We attended a function... We made jokes about each other, we spoke nonsense.. gibberish.. as we always do..Yo peepallll!!!

I heard a devotional ringtone in that function and the entire weekend became one of Bhajans for me.. It was instant.. It was some connection...

Before I sign out, its gotta be some lines of my song of the day.. Its from a Bhajan sung by Lata Mangeshkar from the 1984 movie Subah... "Tum Aasha Vishwas hamare Raama"..

Those lines are..

"Ashru hamari aankhon me tum.. Raamaa..
Tum honton par haas hamare.....
Tum aasha.. vishwaas hamare.. Raama"

"You are the tear in my eye O Raama..
U are the smile on my lips.. You are my hope.. My confidence.. O Raamaa...".. :-)

Listen to the song here...

It may turn out to be your song of the day too..!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me singing Saathiya

A beautiful number from the movie Saathiya..

Singer: Sonu Niigam ..Lyrics(very strange and confusing as always!!) by Gulzar..

This song is my humble tribute to the humble genius ARR...

Hope I have done justice to it :-) U can find the song after this note below..

Note: Talking abt lyrics from Saathiya... The lyrics of another song from this movie simply refuse to leave me.. I am fascinated by its intent.. The aura it exudes.... It appears at the start and middle of the song "Chupke se" sung primarily by Sadhna Sargam..

"Doston se jhooti mooti doosron ka naam leke.. Teri meri baaten karna...
Yaara raat se din karna..
Lambi judaai teri bada mushkil hain.. Aahon se dil bharna...
Yaara raat se din karna...
Kab ye poori hogi.. Door ye doori hogi.. Roz safar karna..
Yaara raat se din karna..."

Waaaah.. outstanding... Analyze these lines and u simply get blown away by the meaning..
I especially adore the last line..It ends with a glimmer of hope.. "roz safar karna" ...

Yipee!!!! I finally understood Gulzar's lyrics for one song atleast.. (So I believe!!) :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jashn-e-Bahaara by me

Kehne ko Jashn-e-Bahaaraa hain.. What can one say about this song.. It is sheer genius of A R Rahman.. Whether one has a Jashn-e-Bahara or is searching for one, doesnt matter. This song will consume you.. Amazing composition..

And yes only another genius like Javed Akhtar could have managed the lyrics for this.. Sung by Javed ali.. All in all.. I feel I have done a decent job at managing this song. Please tel me if u agree :-)

For fellow singers, this one is a very tough song.. Be warned :-)

And the lyrics is Urdu mostly, so an English translation can be found at

Check the comments section and for a comment by one, Amit.

Hope u enjoyed hearing to this number!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Me singing Ninnindale

This is a Kannada song that I have sung..

I heard this song exactly a year ago and instantly fell in love with this wonderful composition by Mano Murthy.. One of my favorite singers, Sonu Nigam with the vocals in the original. :-)

And I have to give a lot of credit to the truly astounding lyrics by Jayant Kaikini.. :-)

Its an honest attempt to re-create some magic that is surely evident in the original..

I hope u guys like it... :-)