Monday, July 20, 2009

Me singing Tum Ho Toh(Rock on)

I watched Rock On over the weekend... And it was a good movie.. I took something else from the movie...Inspiration.. from Farhan Akhtar..

Seeing someone able to multiple things well... I want to be like that one day...Farhan u rock!! :-)

Shankar Ehsaan Loy once again show their classs.. This time with a slow live band number..

PS: Guys, concentrate on the song..The pic is very distracting... can't take your eyes off gorgeous Prachi Desai.. :-)

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Masakali, my Masakali :)

Something that I always wanted to do.. Sing Masakali... I have heard this song innumerable times since January and was finally convinced now I could do some justice to it..

First time I heard it, the singer Mohit Chauhan's nakhraaa(mannerisms) floored me...I knew I could sing this song but the only problem was to incorporate those mannerisms in the song.. :D

Here is the song..

Some behind the scenes trivia (The making of Masakali that is :D)...

It was sung from start to finish (no stop)...The one I uploaded is my second try..the first one I somehow felt could be bettered by myself.. The second one? Ya could be.. but I thought enoughhh..

Things I feel I could have done better... I could have tried singing the part after the anthara , that goes Masakali Masakali, but I had to regain my breath, so let the music run..
Also in the 2nd stanza, I was busy with the Hey Hey Hey and missed the first line (cos there was almost an overlap between the end of Hey Hey and start of the stanza)

Also, before the first stanza starts, u can hear me in the background practising repeatedly to get the "Ghar teraaa Saloniiii" part totally right :-)

Anyways, I have got some nice comments on Facebook for this.. Thanks buddies.. U make the effort seem worthwhile!. Thank you...

Jai Rahman.. Jai Mohit Chauhan :)

PS: Sonam, u look purr-fect in this one (even better than the cutey Masakali!) ... :-)