Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Appreciating beauty

Thought of a purely hatke topic for this blog...Venturing into a new area so to say.. When I discussed the idea of this blog and sent the list to bro, he described it as a "blog for the masses" :)

That, India is a wonder of the world, shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone..This time, I will talk about the beautiful ladies that have adorned that great land.

Some disclaimers before I proceed..This is purely my opinion... These are beautiful women I have seen (of course with/without make-up and on the telly and the internet).
Women that I have seen live, I can't comment obviously.. For fear of security for myself....If I include someone and don't include someone else, I am gonna be in soup for sure.. So ladies, all of you are beautiful, don't worry... :-)

This list is not just based on looks but on how they carry themselves, the entire persona....
It is in no particular order and is limited to Indian ladies for now.. Here goes....

1) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: That I have never liked her much as a person shouldn't come in the way of her beauty.. She is easily the most beautiful face in India and maybe the entire world..

2) Kartika Rane : The pretty face on TV...From Ek Se Badhkar Ek to Hum Pardesi Ho Gaye,
I have been absolutely floored by Kartika's persona.. She is intelligent, suave, quasi-traditional and quasi modern... Ticks all my boxes..Take home to Mom basically....:-)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoUeQDAEn4U (Check)

3) Simone Singh: The Henna girl... My real favorite.. Many of my friends say she isn't good, but hell, she really is fab....

4) Vidya Balan: Ethereal beauty of Parineeta.. I thought she is this generation's Hemaji.. But seems to be in oblivion now.. Come out of it Vidya..

5) Madhuri Dixit: Who, from my generation can claim that he wasn't smitten by Ms.Dixit's charm? No one...We all loved the superstar.. A beautiful lady who has settled down with kids now and is still a stunner..

6) Preity Zinta: Oh...Those cheek dimples...Tomboyish to the core.. Very beautiful in Indian attire (Jiya Jale anyone?!)

7) Bhagyashree: Faces don't come more beautiful than Bhagyashree's. For any guy who believes beauty is also a factor (ALL of us?!) , this is the reference point... If not for a Himalayan (career blunder, she is doing well personally) mistake in 1990, she would have climbed the Himalayas today in her career... :-)

8) Amrita Rao: Very petite with eyes to die for....Miss Rao is from Mangalore and there by an excessive soft corner from yours truly... ;)

9) Nidhi Razdan: If its news, it has to be from Ms.Razdan.. Excellent newsreader..Though many times I miss the news :-) Easily, the most beautiful face on Indian television..

10) Shreya Ghoshal: Talent and beauty... personified.. The voice is as sweet as the person she seems to be, atleast in most of her interviews.. Very down to earth..

11) Hema Malini : A constant talking point apparently in the 80's was guys, saying "Maa, the girl should look like HemaMalini.."...She really WAS... damn it, IS that good...What a sizzling pair she and Dharmendra make.. Donno how Esha is so ordinary.... Anyway..

12) Mrinal Kulkarni: Beautiful lady... Remember her from the serial Son-Pari..
An example how to be gracious even when one is on the wrong side of 30.

13) Katrina Kaif: I debated real hard whether to include Kat in here.. That she is sexy is beyond debate.. But beautiful? Yes, she probably is.... Haven't seen her enough in Indian attire, but she is in this list for sure..

14) Sharmila Tagore: Regal and royal..Mrs. Pataudi brings a smile on my face.. I love the way she carries herself.. She was breathtakingly beautiful in Kashmir Ki Kali, Chupke Chupke and Aradhana..

The cuties missed the bus.. Juhi Chawla, Genelia D'Souza and the like... They will probably feature in an all time Indian top-10 cutie pies :-)

PS: Sanju and Akshay, thanks for your inputs and for ratifying this list.... :-)