Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's this, Ashu?

Sometimes...Your heroes disappoint you..Its just not the result always, its the thought process that goes behind the effort that mostly determines success/failure..

The man who directed Lagaan and Swades deserves an off day you feel? Well I don't deny him that..But what he was doing directing this movie is beyond me..

We are shown lovely Chicago, where Yogesh Patel resides.. And then for a frivolous reason he is rushed to India.. Grandpa writing all his wealth to his grandson in the States with a rider "He gets the cash on the day he gets married" Are u kidding me Ashutosh? Do we look that gullible?

Seeing 12 gals of 12 different Rashees is fine, but they all look the same if you are in love? That's the reason we saw 12 Priyankas?? What BS.... How could Yogesh be in love with any of the 12 Priyankas? He hadnt known them at all before the "arranged" meeting..

Have you seen an astrologer who doubles up as private detective? If that isn't enough, he blackmails his way to glory too... So obviously these guys dont rate the cranial matter of the audience..
And the finger cutting Goonda.. Please.....spare me...

I believe a 3 hour 26 minute movie length is not justified in most cases.. In this case, most certainly not...It is absurd and excruciatingly long.. Imagine someone going with his gal on a movie date for this movie... She would have left him for sure.. Whatever his Rashee...

Priyanka, well done.. You are a 100% trier... Harman, you aren't as bad as they say...All character actors well done guys.. The lady playing Harman's mom,I saw her for the 1st time after Golmaal (Amol palekar's sister).. Some nostalgia for us movie buffs.... :)

Sohail Sen, we will hear a lot about your music in the coming years.. Bikhri Bikhri was brilliant.. Sau Janam and Jao na, very good..

Everyone job well done.. Except the script writer and Mr.Gowariker..Again proves, you can get all the stars you want..But the script has the final say...

I humbly request Ashutosh to not try to be a Hrishida.. You will not succeed.. Please be your own man..

You disappointed me big time here...But, I have analyzed your work enough to know you are a class act... Bounce back Ashutosh... I am waiting for your next... I will grant you this Rashee....