Monday, March 16, 2009

Song of the day

Time for a confession.. I have always had this thing going in my head called "Song of the day"..
I remember even as far back as a 11-year old that I had this song of the day... Its mostly romantic, sometimes devotional, sometimes patriotic, but its usually just one song... I can't stop myself.. I just have to listen to that song pretty much the entire day... I don't have a song of the day for each day obviously, but for most days... :-)

If a song enters my" song of the day" list, rest assured I will love it for the rest of my life.. But the morning after that same song doesn't usually have the same zing, that same feel and aura it had the previous 24 hours.. Why does this happen??? I have no clue... It just happens..
(Seems like the difference between crush and true love eh??!!! :D)

Also why is it that only certain lines of a song stay with me more than others... They give me goosebumps.. sometimes tears.. I remember how I recently was so moved on listening to a song that I was surprised myself how I could react THAT way..

This weekend was one am-AZ-ing weekend with my friends here in AZ :-) We attended a function... We made jokes about each other, we spoke nonsense.. gibberish.. as we always do..Yo peepallll!!!

I heard a devotional ringtone in that function and the entire weekend became one of Bhajans for me.. It was instant.. It was some connection...

Before I sign out, its gotta be some lines of my song of the day.. Its from a Bhajan sung by Lata Mangeshkar from the 1984 movie Subah... "Tum Aasha Vishwas hamare Raama"..

Those lines are..

"Ashru hamari aankhon me tum.. Raamaa..
Tum honton par haas hamare.....
Tum aasha.. vishwaas hamare.. Raama"

"You are the tear in my eye O Raama..
U are the smile on my lips.. You are my hope.. My confidence.. O Raamaa...".. :-)

Listen to the song here...

It may turn out to be your song of the day too..!!